Digital Repository of Wielkopolska Uprising

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On the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Wielkopolska Uprising, one of the few successful independence uprisings in the history of Poland, the State Archive in Poznań, to celebrate this glorious page in the history of our nation, gives you a catalogue of archival materials collected in State Archives. They are related to the Uprising and its Participants, and most of them have been digitised and posted on the Internet. The catalogue is based on studies by Stanisław Sierpowski and Marek Rezler, PhD, as well as archival inventories made by State Archive in Poznań employees.

Most of the materials have been placed in a digital form on the portal and are publicly available for all Internet users. However, the specificity of this archival portal somehow forces the users to have a wide knowledge of the political history of that period, so that the published archival sources can be used in an efficient and optimal way. Therefore, we have prepared the "Digital Archive of the Wielkopolska Uprising", which makes it possible to find archival materials in an easy and accessible way by searching for names, places or any other index phrases.

At present, the catalogue contains almost 18,000 descriptions of individual archival units or even individual pages from these units. Additionally, the index contains 32,000 names of verified insurgents. Learn more about the project.

The project was financed by funds from the Veolia Foundation and the State Archive in Poznań.